B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting a Groove) is an R&B Smooth Jazz and Old School Funk band.  Our repertoire extends to over 100 songs and counting – you want it, we play it!  The core group was founded in 2002 by Marcus “Slim” Shaw.

Introducing the band:

Marcus “Slim” Shaw – Founding member, bass and vocals.  National Recording Artist with his debut CD titled “Choice”, worked at Nuclear Power Stations throughout the U.S. as a Radiation Protection Supervisor/Technician for 20+ years (it’s quite possible he never sleeps). “The Energizer” best sums him up!

DeShezo Shenzo – Keys and vocals.  a.k.a. Toolkit because he's got all the parts!  D.S. also does film and TV scoring, and audio/video production.

John Martin (aka Jon Mykal) – Lead singer.  John is an IT specialist, sound engineer, and producer. Want to hear Prince? Nobody does it better than Jon (and all the other songs are above and beyond).

Andrew “The Chief” Jaimez – drums.  Andrew owns his own recording studio (The Compound). Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor. He is the epitome of groove. No one locks like The Chief. Drumming is a part of him.

Robert “Bullet” Harris – Full time musician on guitar and vocals (we’re convinced somebody pays him for his infectious smile)

Music is in our blood and veins. We have performed with the likes of many well-known artists. Our energy and dynamic performance is unsurpassed. We assiduously strive to deliver the best musical performance each and every time, and as a bonus we’re having fun doing it!

If you want to hear great music, put us on your bucket list!

  • Atomic Dog   Humpty Hump   540p
  • DMSR
  • Cool   TheBird
  • BIG Promo Thornton   540p
  • B.I.G | Brothers Igniting A Groove
  • Rock With You
  • Brothers Igniting A Groove

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